[WONTFIX] Safe mode hack

(leyla) #1

If it would be possible to implement some kind of safe mode hack using ftp functionality to avoid the annoying and very time consuming chmod problem while trying to make a quick update - that would be just beautiful.

(Nimitz1061) #2


Safe mode is deprecated from PHP itself. It remains possible to stop PHP from using various means of chmoding or creating files. This in itself is an annoyance, of course. But it is nothing to the annoyance you will experience if someone retrieves your FTP username and id from an unsecured HTTP connection.

I’d be very careful with this. One big difficulty is that it is difficult to impossible for PHP itself to tell whether it is working with a secure connection. That data relies on external data for the most part…


(leyla) #3

Well, I admit I don’t know too much about the risks and possibilities. I just know I’ve been using Typolight CMS for quite some time with a lot of customer installations. Typolight includes such an optional safe mode hack for “annoying” webserver settings and I do feel quite safe with that and never had any problems.

It just seems a little odd having such a great statistics solution that’s on the other hand causing so many update problems on some servers. Yesterday I manually moved and updated a customers Piwik installation but I still get the message “version 0.4.3 available - please update” …

(vipsoft) #4

When you say you “moved” a Piwik installation, did that include the database?

Piwik stores core and plugin version numbers in the piwik_option table.