Will an external .js file work?

(zeroality) #1

Hello all, I am using CMSMS on my site - which is an open source Content Management System. As thus, inserting the javascript tracking code causes conflicts with the CMS so I had to make it an external .js file and linked to it in the template. However, 24 hours have passed and my data is blank - it’s not showing any visitors.

(vipsoft) #2

It could…depends on what you put in the .js file.

Perhaps it would make more sense to fix the conflict with your CMS.

(Karlsson) #3

I don´t know CMSMS, but it has a template system and it should be possible to put the code somewhere without conflicts.

Have you asked about Piwik implementation in a CMSMS forum?

(zeroality) #4

The .js file isn’t working. I still have no stats. Apparently inserting it into the vbulletin style editor in the footer template causes an error warning as well.

I will ask on CMSMS forums about it. Does anybody have any experience using this with vbulletin?

(vipsoft) #5

For CMSMS (and Smarty), you have to wrap the Piwik tracking code within {literal} … {/literal} tags.

This comes from:


(zeroality) #6

Yes, that does seem to work. I got no error and the javascript code shows up when I view source.

Any ideas as to why it’s not working on vBulletin?

(vipsoft) #7

Try: vb:literal … </vb:literal> tags.

(zeroality) #8

Yes, that doesn’t give any errors. The site seems to be tracking visits now. The forums should too. Thanks for all your help.