Widgets hard to use

Trying to use your widgets and as I try to select options or view possible options the page jumps everywhere. I can’ even view most of the Acquisition or below, the rest jump way too much to be able to read none the less copy them. Can this be moved elsewhere on a page so that I don’t have to turn my 49" wide monitor on it’s side to try and be able to read it? I’m on 3440 x 1440 resolution

Hi @FrankWDWNT
Sorry, I don’t understand all.
Where your issue happens? Can you share a screenshot?

No because the screen doesn’t sit still to be able to screen shot it. Im on a monitor with crazy resolution, I feel bad for people with lower resolution.

Hi @FrankWDWNT
I am not sure on your exact problem.
But maybe you can zoom in your browser? :thinking: