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I have just installed my first Piwik-Widget to my site, and it looks really good! There are three things I still need to figure out though:

  • How can I configure widgets to show all stats (and not just those of a month or a year)?
  • How can I configure widgets to show stats of an individual page only (=the page the widget resides on)?
  • Is there a way to remove the bottom toolbar from the map widget? I don’t have so much room to display it, and I’d rather use it to show a larger map.

Thanks in advance!


I find it slightly odd that I never got a reply to what I believe were simple questions.

As for the reasons, I can only speculate - I am assuming it is because what I am trying to achieve is probably not possible with the current version of Piwik (as I have found out by now).

Just not getting a reply at all, however, has this vibe that it was me who asked a wrong questions. If that is why, I would like to point out that, in my mind, the sole point about using Piwik is to have control over one’s own data and do with it what the heart desires (if I want others to tell me what I can do with my data, I can also use Google Analytics). So in that light, getting the feeling that there are certain things I am not supposed to want to do with my data just feels a little bit strange.

If that is not the reason, please disregard this post.


seems to be a theme

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Hi there

Do you still see a toolbar on the map? please create a bug report if you do: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub