Widget/Menu showing log of last cronjob attempt

Hi guys,

I often find myself FTPing into my server to check whether there was any errors with my last archiving attempt which runs through the cronjob. If there was a menu/page showing the results of the last archiving attempt would be great! Just like an iFrame showing that .log file or something?

Thanks for the awesome work guys!

The log is not available via the UI this stage

Sorry, I realise this. Isn’t that the idea behind this section though? Suggestions for features to be added?

Iframe wouldn’t work since the log file shouldn’t be visible to outside. but, it’s true we could load it and display in the UI somewhere… but where? Maybe in the DB usage dashboard… can you please create a ticket and we will consider, i didn’t think users would do that a lot since errors are normally emailed by the cron.