Why Referrer Website shows site with and without www


Hi Friends,
Mostly I’m just curious about this. Although possibly it might be considered a bug, depending on your point of view.

In the Referrer Websites widget, it shows separately, the metrics for: www-dot-somesite-dot-com and somesite-dot-com.

Any reason for that? They’re both the same site! Or should it be posted as a bug? (It’s nothing new, been that way since I started using Piwik. Just curious)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Not always my friend… But I see your point. Maybe this could be turned into a feature request on Git ?

Or maybe it’s a bug. I just checked when creating a new website and see: "“Note that it is not necessary to specify the URLs with and without ‘www’ as Piwik automatically considers both.” in the URLS column…



Well that’s kind of my point!

For tracking on my website, I only need to set it up for mysiteDOTcom. No need for www. So if PIwik doesn’t need www for tracking my site (or more accurately, needs only with OR without www), why does it make the distinction for Referer Websites?

It must have something to do with the referer site, because not all referring sites are shown both ways.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

if the referrer site uses both www and non-www version then piwik will show both. We could pick one and aggregate under one, feel free to create an issue if you think it’s good idea