Why no data in my dashboard?

(ethan.chen) #1

I test piwik in my intranet. I have installed piwik and the database. I have copy the javascript code to my page.
After i visit my site some times, I can see datas in the database table ‘piwik_log_visit’ and some other tables . But there is no data in the database table ‘piwik_access’. And the last visits graph is no data .
There is the problem! Thanks!

(michaelc) #2

Hi Ethan,

Welcome to the Piwik community forums!

By default Piwik reports are real time when you select “today” in the calendar. Piwik will look at all your logs for today in the database and process the reports every time you request them.

By default, reports are kept for 10 seconds. You can change this value in config/global.ini.php: time_before_archive_considered_outdated = 10

For example, if you want Piwik to process today’s logs only once an hour, you would set time_before_archive_considered_outdated = 3600

(afmol) #3

Hi Ethan, did you by any chance use an (international) version of FireFox 3.05 to test Piwik?

I did and had the same symptomps as you describe this morning when I tested Piwik for the first time.

After some investigation I found out that things didn’t work because I was testing Piwik for the first time with my Dutch FireFox 3.0.5 which sends the string “nl-NL,nl;q=0.7,chrome://global/locale/intl.properties;q=0.3” which is too long to fit in the varchar(20) location_browser_lang field in the log_visit table. This led to an uncaught exception in core\Tracker\Db.php so the FireFox visit wasn’t inserted because my local MySQL database server is in Strict mode.

When I tested with MSIE the visit was succesfully recorded.

I simply altered the length of the field to varchar(100) and everything worked like a charm!

I made a ticket of the bug (http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/490) and was very pleased to see that a patch was made available within less than an hour! Instead of my quick-and-dirty solution of altering the database field they simply chose to shorten the string so no database space is unnessacarily waisted…The Piwik development team is really on top of things!

Hope this helps…

(erml) #4

Hi everybody.

I test Piwik in my intranet too. The problem : I can see only my visits in the Dashboard, i mean, the visits from another PC in the intranet can’t be recorded, even use FF or IE . But the traffic from my PC is stored without problem.

Any clue?
Thanks, in advance

PD. I try change the field ‘location_browser_lang’ to varchar(100), but that does not work.

(robocoder) #5

in your piwik code, make sure it references the server by machine name and not localhost (which would vary between machines).

(Megan James) #6

This is the first time i am loading and testing the piwik in my machine. I copy the java script in my all html page (server-Tomcat , IE-6) and change “default_day = today” in global.ini.php , but still i cant see any data in my piwik dashboard. could you help me to proceed future.