Why is user email required?

I commented out the line to check email, but I guess it gets checked in a few different places? Is there a reason it is required and can’t be blank?

newsletter subscription (at time of installation), password reset, email reports, and potentially other uses as well (ie third party plugins)

so, in addition to losing these features, you have to maintain your local mods, otherwise your changes will be overwritten by the next Piwik update

It would probably be better to not have it be required, and only enable those features if one is provided. In my situation, I tied the account creation and login to an existing system, so now all the accounts have fake email addresses (also not sure why the email addresses have to be unique…)

Just something to think about - I’d much rather have:

if($email) $newsletter->send();

Than 200 accounts sending mail to none0j76jb45b54j66k97k@example.com