Why doesnt this goal work?

website: www.jackpotlotteryonline.com
Goal URL: http://www.wintrillions.com/cart_add.php?lot_id=18&account=98761b9f
(please note I want to monitor this URL plus others containing different lot_id numbers). This link does redirect on the external website to www.trillonario.com Maintenance - could this redirect cause the problem?

Goal set:
Click on a link to external website / contains / http://www.wintrillions.com

I tried “matches the expression” as well, but in both cases it does not work. Goals are not monitored.
What do I need to do to monitor this goal?

Can you try using latest 1.2-RC5 (see other post)

Also, maybe there is not enough time to track it (or is the link appearing in Outlink, but not as a goal conversion? Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

"Can you try using latest 1.2-RC5 (see other post) " I don’t know what you are referring to ?

Actually, in the outlinks, clicks are showing (www.wintrillions.com), but not in the goals.

The outlinks http://www.wintrillions.com/cart_add.php?lot_id=18&account=98761b9f etc are part of an iframe code provided by the affiliate program, not sure whether it is possible to add a delay to that code)