Why do Matomo and WordPress Statistics show different results?

We have a wordpress based website and we are using both Matomo and WordPress Statistics to analyze our traffic – and there is a big difference in numbers between Matomo and the Wordpress Statistics.

Wordpress counts 66.061 visits for last week, Matomo counts 12.039.

We´ve been discussing the topic at our meeting - could the reason be that something went wrong when implementing Matomo on our pages? Or what else could be the reason for such a big difference?

Maybe, that know only you. check, check, … use the browser inspector → console and/or network.

Both tracking is not equal. Please tell your matomo tracking methode. Maybe solved it with using the matomo image tracking.

Please consider, that no JavaScript is active, that activate the image attribute loading="lazy".

Hi @corneliagerlach
Another possible reasons: