Why did my post not get published?


I submitted my problem to this forum, why isn’t it there?


Ok, I got a message (on screen) that an administrator needed to approve my post.??

After updating to 2.2.0 only Visitor Log is showing new visitors.
Nothing else updates.

What I did:

  • Disabling all NON piwik plug-ins
  • Empty /tmp
  • Run cron (cron works now)
  • Empty APC, even if I don’t use it for piwik.
  • Error log does not show anything piwik related

It feels the same as: Bug

Please help, or could I go back to 2.1.1-B10, because I know that one works for sure…


This is the second time… Where is my post???


Ok short version. After update to 2.2.0 only visitor log updates. NOTHING ELSE

(Tassoman) #5

You see, this forum sometimes suffer of spam. So messages are moderated by admins. I discovered it happens when you post links.