Why did my post not get published?

I submitted my problem to this forum, why isn’t it there?

Ok, I got a message (on screen) that an administrator needed to approve my post.??

After updating to 2.2.0 only Visitor Log is showing new visitors.
Nothing else updates.

What I did:

  • Disabling all NON piwik plug-ins
  • Empty /tmp
  • Run cron (cron works now)
  • Empty APC, even if I don’t use it for piwik.
  • Error log does not show anything piwik related

It feels the same as: Bug

Please help, or could I go back to 2.1.1-B10, because I know that one works for sure…

This is the second time… Where is my post???

Ok short version. After update to 2.2.0 only visitor log updates. NOTHING ELSE

You see, this forum sometimes suffer of spam. So messages are moderated by admins. I discovered it happens when you post links.