Why cant users create their own goals?

I create users so they can access their own reports, yet they cannot create their own goals? Whats the point of such a restriction? Users should be able to create their own goals. Why would a Super User (me) want to be bothered with setting up all sorts of goals for numerous users?

I already changed permission to admin, but then found out that they can see all of the other users in the system. Why would a webhost, who has many sites and many users, want to disclose all of their users to an admin just so they can create goals?

If it matters to Piwik devs, I have a small hosting company and I’ve had to disable the Goals feature because it makes no sense to expose every single User I create to anyone whom I designate as Admin. Which is really too bad because Goals is a excellent feature. I guess I’m the only one who feels this isn’t particluarly private (or even secure). I hope you change this. Thanks