Why are conversions being counted in one place but not another?

Before I get started - I’m brand new to this forum and a brand new Matomo user, one of many refugees from GA. I just installed Matomo yesterday on a few of my sites and it’s way better than I expected, better even than I thought possible. Everyone who’s worked on Matomo is my hero.

My question:

I set up a few goals, and then intentionally triggered them myself to verify that they were being tracked correctly. When I look at the “Evolution over the period” graph, I can see that some conversions are being tracked. However, when I look anywhere else in Matomo, I consistently see 0 conversions, 0% conversion rate, and $0 overall revenue. Is there something that I’ve set up incorrectly? Does the data in those other reports just lag? What can I change to make the conversions show up everywhere consistently?