Which LP's are triggering the piwikTracker.trackGoal?

Hi everyone!

Got a quick question, I’ve added the piwikTracker.trackGoal javascript code to my thank you page, however, as I have multiple landing pages pointing to this thank you page, how can I see which landing pages are triggering the piwikTracker.trackGoal code?

I cant see any stats on this from within the panel, am I missing something here?


The only way to do this would be to record the page name as a custom variable. Then you can see stats by custom variable for each goal.

I see, how would I go about doing that exactly? Im not too savvy in this area…


Sorry for bumping the thread, can anyone help me on this?


Something like

piwikTracker.trackGoal(1, <?php echo $cart->getCartValue(); ?>);