Where to install Piwik in osCommerce-Enviroment?

Hi there,

I want to install Piwik, which seems to be really great, in a oscommerce enviroment.

I don’t wont to have normal users access to this folder/installation, just want to track the data of the site.

Now I’m wondering, where the installation folder have to be placed ?

Directly under the root-directory ?

Or is it possible, to place it somewhere under the admin-directory, which is already password-protected ?

If second case is possible, are there any difficulties, when setting up the config ?

Thanks in advance,

I have the question already answered by myself.
I installed it on my testsystem.

The awful thing is, that the installation-folder is mentioned in the tracking code
(var pkBaseURL),
so everyone is able to look, where the folder is.

Is there a way to hide the pkBaseURL somewhere else, so that it is not visible in the sourcecode of the page ?