Where to find reports about data-content-target

Hi there,

I am trying to track actions on JavaScript-driven page content (i.e. accordion) using the content tracking API. This works fine so far, however I miss the value from data-content-target in my Piwik backend. All I see is content name and content piece.

I don’t fill a URI into the target variable, it’s normal text. According to the API description this should be no problem, since content target “could be the name of the screen you are going to open”.

Thanks for your input

Just in case anyone cares: I dropped the content tracking API since it seemed to be unreliable in combination with the other JavaScript stuff I have on this particular site.
Instead, I started with custom URLs and custom page titles, which not only work more reliably, but are even better (i.e.more intuitive) to use in Piwik, and really nicely show up in Piwik e-mail reports.
Nota bene: use encodeURIComponent () on your data to prevent Piwik getting confused over certain characters (i.e. misinterpret a slash btw. words as a URL delimiter).