Where do I find the Piwik Auth token for wordpress plugin set up?

How do I create a folder to upload piwik into?

I use blue host and have been successful in creating a piwikanalytics folder in the myslq database, but it cannot be found in the ftp client.

the www folder doesn’t exist in the ftp client when logged in.

I have uploaded the entire piwik folder in my public HTML folder in my ftp client. I go to Sign in - Piwik and It is giving me a 404 not found error message.

Can someone please help me figure out where I am supposed to put this thing?

It’s hard to make a remote diagnosis without more details.

How is the folder structure in your FTP client? What does you webhoster’s documentation tell you about their folder stucture? Maybe contact them as they can better help you with general hosting problems.

Ok I figured it out.

Piwik is up and running. Now I am just trying to set up the piwik wordpress plugin. It is asking for an auth token.

Where can this be found?


The easiest way to find your auth token is:

Administration (Gear Symbol) ->API (in the sidebar in the Platform category) and then click on the black box.
(I think this like should direct you to the page)
It should show something like this:


where d14a028c2a3a2bc9476102bb2882 is the auth token.

Just pay attention: The auth token is a combination of username and password, so never share it with anyone.