Where can i tip comands?


i am a total newbie in this and i want to install piwik with ftp on my webserver. so i dropped it on it and opened the file. now in first step the programm says,
"chmod a+w (…)/analytics/piwik/config " , could fix my problem. but on the other hand i have no clue where can i tips it in. i think it must be a console like one i can open on windows with cmd.


Most FTP clients have the ability to set permissions on files, directories, and subdirectories on the server. I use Filezilla, and it definitely has this ability.

Use your FTP client to set universal read/write/modify (777) permissions on directories /tmp and /config and also their contents. When Piwik has been configured correctly, you can reset permissions on the /config directory and its contents to 0755. That removes universal write and modify permissions on the configuration files, leaving you with read and execute. Some servers are satisfied with 644, but mine, for example, requires 755. The /temp directory will still need 777 permissions.