Where can I get installation script again



I usually install scripts manually, so that I know how they work. But my hosting company has a service called 'Softaculous", which has 100+ scripts which are stated as being one click installations, ranging from Wordpress to forums etc etc. These include Piwik, but…

Yes it installs Piwik ok, but then does not produce the code snippet to put on each webpage that you want tracked. I have used Google Analytics and Statcounter before, and with them when you log in it is easy to find the script needed whenever you want it. Piwik, nice control panel, look etc etc, but can I find any trace of said script, no I cannot. Any ideas?

Will see if I get a response from this question, otherwise will uninstall and go the manual installation route as am curious to see it working.

As a final point, one thing that does seem to be lacking is a quick-start newbies guide, too much poking around in documentation, FAQ’s, and Forums for something which should be straightforward. But hey thats web design!

(Fabian Becker) #2

Login as admin, click on Settings -> Websites and scroll to the right. You’ll find the tracking code for your website there.


10x fabian I had the same problem with the installation but I fixed it now. 10x again