When is ALL Sites dashboard updated?


I have setup and updated to Piwik 2.1.4 RC release with 2 added sites.

First site is using default tracking code generated when you add a site. Second site is using proxy piwik.php local file on the tracked site.

I also have queued tracking plugin with redis setup with 2 workers with 10 request per worker threshold.

Now both sites when you view individual dashboards show the visitor and action stats once i generate enough page refreshes >10+. The console queuedtracking:monitor confirms this

/console queuedtracking:monitor
Queue is enabled
Request sets in the queue will be processed automatically after a tracking request
Up to 2 workers will be used
Processor will start once there are at least 10 request sets in the queue
2 (2+0) request sets left in queue. 802.95K used memory (904.79K peak). 0 workers active.

however, when i select the All Sites dashboard to see an overview of stats, only the 1st site has the visitor numbers while the 2nd site with proxy piwik.php shows zero (0) for Visits and Pageviews ? So the question is, when does the All Sites dashboard get updated ? Anyway of speeding that up ?

Also seems for 2nd site using proxy piwik.php the actions tab > pages, entry pages, exit pages etc all show empty data ?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

If there is no data in Visitors > Visitor Log, it means the tracking does not work. Maybe check your token_auth in the piwik.php proxy?