What's the usage of 'Users'

Anyone know what’s the usage of ‘Users’?
I just used Piwik as the analytics system and it works well, but the data in ‘Users’ is null.
I assume that the data in ‘Users’ shoud be the users registered in website, is that correct ? and why there’s no data ?
thanks a lot.

I’m fairly sure there is no automatic way for Piwik to track “Users”.

In my case I use Javascript in my Router Controller to track a user. I get the UserID from a cookie that is set when one of my users log in:

_paq.push(['setUserId', UserID]);

Thanks Valdhor.
What I use is the plugin of piwik for opencart, maybe I should make some enhancement based on your code. Thanks again.

Hi Valdhor,
I have updated my website using your method, and it works well, thanks a lot.
Another question is how can I also take the UserName in my website and show it in Piwik ?

_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’,1,“Username”, “<?php if (empty($Username)) {echo 'Guest';} else {echo $Username;}?>”,“visit”]);


as @Valdhor mentioned, you can use the user id feature, see: User ID - Analytics Platform - Piwik