What To Check : Sites Shows Zero Visits


This is an issue I already had while running the 1.8x version,
but also after the upgrade to 1.9 it’s still doing the next:

Some sites are displayed to have zero traffic daily. But I’m sure those sites will have daily visits. So what I did do to check is, pulling monthly stats from October.

And see which sites are displaying zero visits, it should be said that a good chunk
are listed with zero visits on a per month basis. Also there isn’t any data showed if a domain got invidual looked at.

Next I did visit those wp blogs to see if my code is correct inserted, and it does looks good to me.

I did install the code by just adding code above to my footer templates, on all blogs, but about 50% seems not to pick up any visits.

Any more things to check. Any Advise?


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Look at http://12.34.xx.xx/p1w1k/piwik.php?idsite=32 and http://12.34.xx.xx/p1w1k/piwik.js in your browser.

Just to clarify, are you seing a difference of about 59% from the Wp blogs stats? What are you comparing to to say its missing stats?

I have zero visits on month graphs, because the archive.sh runs out of memory.
So if you have thousands of visits, on these sites, maybe this could be a problem.

Do you have data for days, or is it only the monthly view that has no data?

Do you see data in the visitor log ?

Loading up the
http://12.34.xx.xx/p1w1k/piwik.php?idsite=32 and
files in the browser, does works as expected.

Some of the entries does indeed display zero at the “all websites” page,
zero in the dashboard, but shows visit in the visitors logs.

Another sites stats does look like : zero in all websites page, zero in visitors logs,
but does record a few moves within the site’s dashboard.

Is there anything that I could check in regards of this issue ?

With digging some more into this, I also figured that for example site id 18 does display :
at the all websites page, the stats from today pulled 3 visits.

When I click actually at “view reports”, it does show 6 visits.

But…when pulling the monthly stats under all websites, this particular site id number does display zero visits for the month.

In fact today’s all website stats shows that i’m getting visits at 47 URL’s,
while the whole month stats just shows at 33 entries any activity.

Looks good, isn’t ? (:smiley:

I have piwik 1.9.1 installed with 8 sites but 2 are showing 0 visits. I have rechecked the tracking url, the permission of the proxy php (same of other sites) and have changed the position of the code (from footer to widget) and no working. One is http://www.2012revelado.com.br and other http://urandir.com . Both sites are using Wordpress, but i have others 5 sites using WP that are ok . I was trying to find some help in documentation but not found. Does soemone can help?
Alessandro Drago

@thumbnail can you try to increase the timeout in Settings > General settings to 9000seconds for example, does it work better then?

@drakebr your problem is different maybe, that tracking does not work on some website. (do you have any data in Visitor Log for today?). Also to debug tracking request if no visit is tracked, see: http://piwik.org/docs/tracking-api/reference/#toc-debugging-the-tracking-api-requests

Hi Matt,

This does not seem to help. I did change the value to 9k as you suggested a few hours ago.
At Date range: 2012-10-27 in the all websites panel shows me incoming hits at 51 added site entries.

If I look up the stats from the whole month, or even this whole year it shows just stats for let’s say 35 site entries.

Hi Matt

Proxy Script runs but stop work in this step bellow. This occurs in 3 websites, all in one ipage host account. I have some others websites in other ipage hosts accounts that are working fine with the same proxy script . I think that some php or other system variable are no set. i have attached the server details.
Any idea?
Thanks Alessandro

// 2) PIWIK.PHP PROXY: GET parameters found, this is a tracking request, we redirect it to Piwik
$url = $PIWIK_URL.“piwik.php?cip=”.@$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]."&token_auth=".$TOKEN_AUTH.’&’;
foreach($_GET as $key=>$value) {
$url .= $key .’=’.urlencode($value).’&’;
header(“Content-Type: image/gif”);
$stream_options = array(‘http’ => array(
‘user_agent’ => @$_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’],
‘header’ => "Accept-Language: " . @$_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE’] . “\r\n” ,
‘timeout’ => $timeout
$ctx = stream_context_create($stream_options);
echo file_get_contents($url, 0, $ctx);

--------- Server details ----------
Platform Type:
MySQL Version:
Perl Version:
PHP Version:

Installed modules
----forum doesnot accepted some word in the modules----

Another example would be : all websites todays stats site id x : zero visits,
but clicking to its dashboard shows a few visits, so does the visitors logs.

Meanwhile I updated the 9k second, to 18k to see if this would help any,
but so far this does not seem to be of help at all.


@drakebr you’re talking about different issue here I think, please create new topic with your information and bugs encoutered

@thumbnail I’m not sure what could cause the problem. Im too busy to propose to debug on your piwik, but really I would like to understand this problem and fix it. Can you please keep an eye on it and let me know if it continues and if you can see a pattern and understand what could cause it?


I’m having this issue as well. Randomly stats just revert to zero for weekly visits even when I know, 5 minutes earlier, they had visits. Sometimes when the sites get a new visit, making Piwik re-process the report, it will bounce back up to whatever its meant to be.

I don’t know what causes the issues as it happens randomly to random websites, there is no pattern to it.

@Mooash, @thumbnail

  • Can you confirm you disabled browser archiving and enabled the cron? I guess the bug affects only this configuration.

  • How often does your cron run?

  • I have an idea of a change I made which could cause it. Can you apply this patch and see if it makes things better after 1 day:

--- core/ArchiveProcessing.php	(revision 7312)
+++ core/ArchiveProcessing.php	(revision )
@@ -450,7 +450,10 @@
 				$timezone = $this->site->getTimezone();
-				$minDatetimeArchiveProcessedUTC = Piwik_Date::factory(Piwik_Date::factory('now', $timezone)->getDateStartUTC())->setTimezone($timezone)->getTimestamp();
+				$midnight = Piwik_Date::factory(Piwik_Date::factory('now', $timezone)->getDateStartUTC())->setTimezone($timezone)->getTimestamp();
+				if($midnight < $minDatetimeArchiveProcessedUTC) {
+					$minDatetimeArchiveProcessedUTC = $midnight;
+				}
 		return $minDatetimeArchiveProcessedUTC;

Hi Matt,

I run archiving via cron yes. I used to run it every half hour but I now only run it every hour.

I’m not sure whether it was a change you made or not. This started happening to me when I upgraded to 1.8.4 (Look here[/url] and [url=http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,94164]here) and my stats randomly started resetting to zero.

I’ve still got 1 website where over a whole month is at zero even though I know there is stats. I’ve tried forcing piwik to reprocess the reports via the API but it wont work. It doesn’t worry me to much as it only effects weekly reports.

Can you try the patch I made, maybe it will help fixing the “no data” for some sites bug for week report? i’m curious to know if my proposed patch above, helps