What the Heck? NONE of the analytic widget/plugins are showing up!


I apprehensively upgraded to version 2.0.1 several days ago, and earlier today (Dec 22, 2013) I had a problem with Piwik. I have never had any problems with Piwik before. NONE of the widget/plugins that show the analytics appear. I get the “Loading Data…” for about a second then it dissappears and nothing is shown. No information is displayed on any of the pages and at times the navigation on the grey bar completely dissappears. I wasn’t sure if this was possibly because I needed to upgrade all the way to 2.0.2. So I did that… Still no analytics info. Everything worked flawlessly before. In my frustration I rolled back to my saved versions of the db and files from 2.0.2 back to the old version prior to 2.0.1. However, I am still getting a dashboard with only navigation and no widgets with analytics. Why is this? I have added a link for the screenshot.

  • delete all tmp folder
  • delete .htaccess file in Plugins folder

This might work.

I for one had a problem after several installs over install and updates, a problem that required me to completely delete Piwik folder and reinstall it from ground up, setting up admin and all that, and it works fine… but in the process this means that you lose the db and hence the history… i did not care that much because i was having just 2 months of data, so i just proceeded with normal install, but i dont see why it couldn`t be possible to restore the analytics archive from a back-up db, i mean just the important tables with visitors data, not settings and all that.


Thank you for your suggestion Glisse, I had to do the rebuild also. the analytics data was lost but not my actual newsletter signups and new account registers. So, I’m ok with it. I was able to finally see the widgets/plugins.

I will keep in mind your quick suggestion (deleting tmp folder and htaccess file in plugins folder) in the event I have a problem.

I think it’s safe to say that it will be a long time before I ever touch an upgrade button again.

Thanks for your help.