What is url for API?

First let me just say that the documentation on the API sucks.

Going by this method:

$url = “http://demo.piwik.org/”;
$url .= “?module=API&method=Referers.getKeywords”;
$url .= “&idSite=7&period=month&date=yesterday”;
$url .= “&format=PHP&filter_limit=20”;
$url .= “&token_auth=$token_auth”;

Is demo.piwik.org the root? Wouldn’t you need to pass the arguments to the piwik.php file? or the piwik folder? Such as:


The documentation does shit for explaining this.


Line 1 i saw 1st error

To build the URL of the API call, you need:

your Piwik base URL (replace demo.piwik.org with the URL and path of your Piwik server

So another way to say it:


basically you need to insert the url of your own installation location

for me No URL is working

for me No URL is working[/quote]

What do you mean by No URL?