What is the max length of SQL password that Piwik will take

I was having a hard time setting up Piwik on my hostgator shared server, after setting up the DB and user and configuring the permissions, i was running through the steps and getting stopped at step 3 of installation. I was pulling my hair out trying to make it work but everything was telling me access denied for user, blah blah blah… i tried reinstalling, nothing, I tried to copy and paste the password I DON’T KNOW how many times, to no avail.

Now I use Keepass to keep track and generate my passwords, my default is 20 chars with upper/lower, numbers, dash, underscore and special characters… pretty damn secure right.

Finally I tried to set it up with a simple password “Test” I figured what the hell, I couldn’t mess that one up. and VOILÀ it worked. So I figured it had to be that I had input the password incorrectly, but what the heck, I was copying and pasting it.

Well I finally decided on a 10 char password and it took, and I didn’t have time to mess with it anymore as I was already late leaving for work this morning.

What I want to know, is what is the max number that Piwik will pass, as I would like to have more than 10 char password.

I dont know about Piwik but some server have limitation over lenth or type of characters used in passwords.

BTW, KeePass rules ! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif

i know its not the server because I have about 25 databases on it with the same PW rules, and they all work fine, that’s why I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out this issue

afaik there’s no limit or truncation.

I’ll test with hostgator when I get back to the office.