What happened to my thread?




i think you should contact admin or moderator to know the real reason

(vipsoft) #3

??? I think your URL is wrong. Try 301 Moved Permanently


Maybe it has been deleted.


found the thread. strange that it is not showing in my followed threads, and the email I got about a new post in my thread contained the wrong URL???

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catfish: the forum is actively moderated for spam that isn’t caught by the filters; so, yes, you may receive a notification and find that the reply has already been deleted.


my thread was def not spam, not sure about some of the responses. IMHO the fact that some guys would give spam responses should not get my thread deleted???

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Your thread wasn’t deleted. (See the URL I previously posted.)

If it’s missing from your list of followed threads, then you might have to change the filter (number of days), because deleting a post can change the date of recent activity on a topic.


no that was not the reason. I choose 1 year as a filter, still the thread didnt show. I opened the thread and made another post now and now it shows in the “my followed topics” list again. No solution to the original problem yet though…