What does "Piwik" stand for?


Hello, I have just made my first Piwik installation, and it looks like a fantastic tool! Thank you to the open source community that is developing it.

But I have spent way too much time searching piwik.org, clearcode.cc, and the web in general, and I have not been able to find an answer to my question: Please tell me, how did Piwik get it’s name? Even if it’s not an English acronym, I’d really like to know.

Thank you very much,

Suzanne L
Tucson, Arizona

(Significado Name) #2

Meaningless. But you know, things speaks it’s own meaning and to call any thing meaningless, is belittling. There is no thing that one can point to that is “meaningless.” “Meaningless,” is only a false idea, as are all words.

(vipsoft) #3

It’s a made-up word that did not have any previously registered domains or international trademarks.

It has no meaning. It is not an acronym. And there are no ties with wikis, kiwis, pi, (π), or other open source projects (such as piwi, or piwigo).


Thank you :slight_smile: