What does it mean upload in binary? File integrity Error!

(Gofer) #1

It says upload in binary.

I unzipped the file using 7 zip and uploaded to domain.xxx/piwik

one of the files is giving File Integrity Error.

I downloaded the latest version 1.2.1 from Piwik website.

"File integrity check failed and reported some errors. This is most likely due to a partial or failed upload of some of the Piwik files. You should reupload all the Piwik files in BINARY mode and refresh this page until it shows no error. "

I clicked on details:
File size mismatch: /home/sdebbad/public_html/goferr.com/piwik/misc/generateDoc.bat (expected length: 117, found: 115)

I tried re uploading that specific file using Filezilla, even though on my computer the size shows 117, it is uploading to size 115

(vipsoft) #2

In FileZilla, set the Transfer type (menu Transfer) from Auto to Binary and then upload.