What could cause a significant drop in the reports?

Hi all,

In the past week, all the matomo reports showed a significant drop for about 2-3 days.

I spoke with the tech guys (both the site admin and the web analitycs team) and they didn’t find anything unusual, so the data appeared to be loss forever. Also, I think it’s very unlikely that site traffic really fell down like this.

I was wondering what suggestion I could give to the analytics team to find out the root cause, like checking the “tracking failures” or looking into some logs.

You may indeed check Matomo error log file…
But also the tracked website. If it was for example overloaded during some timeframe, or contained fatal JavaScript error, then tracking would also drop… → Check also error log file of the tracked website

I could exclude that the cause was an overload, because the problem occurred during the weekend (and in this specific timeframe our traffic is very low).

Thanks for your suggestions.

Or server not available (eg. provided did some update… ?)

The site is hosted internally and the site admin told me that there wasn’t any issue.

Do you have the Apache (or IIS or etc.) logs for normal days and “dropped” days of the website you are tracking?
Is the volume similar or different?

Has Matomo been updated recently?

No, we run matomo 4.2.1.