What changed with cookies in 1.1.1 ? (screenshot of log inside)

(lalquier) #1

@matthieu and other developers.

I can’t share access to my instance but I can give you a glimpse into my visit log.

As you can see in the attachment, prior to 1.1.1, ‘visitor_idcookie’ was a steady stream of generated IDs.

After the upgrade, several ‘visitor_idcookie’ have been replaced by entries such as ‘7’, ‘c’, ‘e’, ‘3’, ‘0’ and so on. These do not appear anywhere before the update.

Looking at the stream of issues reported in the forum, it seems something broke down in the way cookies are handled - something that is still breaking down with 1.1.2b1 (see my dashboard refresh issues).

I hope this can help get back to a more situation soon.

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I guess I got part of my answer in this thread :


Any other solution reported ?