What can I expect in Actions -> Pages when segmenting on a Page Url?


Hello. When I create a segment based on a custom variable, what I see in the Actions -> Pages page in piwik are the list of all the pages visited by users for their entire journey (where the custom variable is recorded for the journeys). I see a similar thing when segmenting by Visit Location too.

I’m not sure what I expect to see when segmenting by Page URL however. Currently I only get the pages corresponding to the page url I’m segmenting by, rather than all the pages visited by users who did visit the url I’m interested in. But this would seem like a “filter” rather than “segment” to me. I wanted to try it out on http://demo.piwik.org/ but don’t have a user/password to experiment. I also haven’t been able to find examples of anyone doing it via google search. If you have experience with this do let me know!

I’m currently using piwik 2.8.3.