What are the addCustomReport parameter values?

In the documentation for the addCustomReport function, the following parameters are listed:

idSite, name, reportType, metricIds, categoryId = ‘’, dimensionIds = ‘Array’, subcategoryId = ‘’, description = ‘’, segmentFilter = ‘’

Can anyone tell me what the possible values and syntax are for each of these parameters? I am on a hosted instance of Matomo.

  • I know idSite will be the id of the site I am looking to create a CustomReport for
  • what is the syntax for the “name” parameter if I want to have spaces in the custom report name e.g. “Subsite page visits”
  • I presume the value for reportType can either be table or evolution - are these case sensitive or always lower case?
  • what are the possible values for metricIds and how do I find individual ids for a particular metric?
  • what are the possible values for categoryId
  • what are the possible values for dimensionIds which is an array and what is the syntax to be used? Does it need the value or the array index for a given value?
  • what is the subcategoryId? From the interface this looks like a unique id given to a custom report - do I generate this myself or will the system automatically add this?
  • for the description parameter, is there specific syntax to be used to escape spaces in the description text?
  • what is the syntax for the segmentFilter parameter?