Welcome to this forum helping you make the most of Piwik 2.0 Platform!

Welcome to the Plugin Development and Theme Design forum!

In this forum you can ask questions about the Piwik Platform such as:

[li] if you have any suggestion to make Piwik Plugin Development easier
[/li][li] when writing a plugin for Piwik you may wonder the best to achieve something within the platform, you can ask here
[/li][li] if you need a new Event in core to create a particular feature in your plugin
[/li][li] learn how to develop plugins and ask your questions here
[/li][li] if you are encountering a bug in core Piwik as a result of writing a custom plugin

Piwik is a powerful Web Analytics tool which tracks and reports your users’ data, but it can be used to do much more! With Plugins you can build custom reports, integration and track new custom data, create a new visualization, integration with other services and platforms, and much more.

Plugins can be easily published on the Plugins Marketplace[/url], and themes on the [url=http://themes.piwik.org]Themes Marketplace.

There will be more Dev doc coming soon, but we look forward to talking to helping you build great plugins and themes for Piwik 2.0!

thanks Matt. I’m new to Piwik so I’ll be bugging you soon lol


Dear Matt,
I desperately try to post a message under “Plugins & …” , which is but not possible, how hard I try. In between getting no reactions to my sending of the post I got the message in red that my message is from a bot, not from a person… :slight_smile:
This is probably because I try to say something about the BotTracker Plugin. How can I manage that?