Weird / Wrong Useragents?


Hey Devs -

Has anyone mentioned any issues with user agents being parsed incorrectly? Was trying to compare stats from an old tracking system to new (Piwik) and we were comparing our conversion rates by browser - noticed IE7 took a big hit. I then focused on IE7 and tried to pull some more data. Whats odd is that I see an alarming amount of visits with IE 7 as the browser, Windows 7 as the OS.

Windows 7 shipped with IE 8 and Microsoft makes it gruelingly hard to downgrade to a previous version. While IE might not come installed with windows in other countries, these were all US visitors.

This means it could either be an issue with the actual user agent string being passed by the browser (wouldn’t surprise me to find out Microsoft was messing that up), the useragent being parsed incorrectly in piwik, or traffic with poorly spoofed useragents…

Wondering if anyone else came across this?

Edit: Should mentioned, I grabbed UserAgentParsing.php and did a quick test page and couldn’t replicate the issue


Leaving the post up for feedback.

However, I just remembered and tested good ol’ compatibility mode in IE and it does actually send the IE7 user agent. So, it makes sense that it happens - still odd for us that that many people ( 2022 unique visitors, 7% today’s traffic) falls into this case.

While its available in IE, would it be worthwhile to add detecting for compatibility mode into the config settings that Piwik stores?

I believe its accessible in document.documentMode