Weekly Report Scheduled Times

(Alan) #1


I am getting a PHP seg fault every Monday at around 1:00am and some of my scheduled weekly reports are not being emailed.
I assume that I am running out of resources so want to distribute the load of my report production.

Does entering the hour in the Email Schedule make any difference for ‘Weekly’ or do all reports start at the same time '0:00’

Weekly schedule: report will be sent on Monday of each week.
Monthly schedule: report will be sent the first day of each month.
Send report at XX o’clock

i.e. set XX to a random time to spread the load?

cause when I look at the scheduled task with the scheduled task plugin I see the entries (e.g. API.sendReport_14 ) remain unchanged when I change
Send report at XX o’clock

Or do I have to dig around in the database to spread the schedule around a bit?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

When you get segmentation fault, check your server error log, is there more info?

Otherwise see our FAQ: "Segmentation fault Error". Piwik reporting or via cron crashes with Segmentation Fault error. What to do? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

(Alan) #3


Firstly, I tried to distribute the weekly reports, i.e. I set teh ‘hour’ fields, but they all ran in bulk at 1:00 am regardless, so I assume the ‘hour’ field has no effect?

Again, the first 25 were created, but again a seg fault occurred causing the remainder not to run.
Jun 2 01:35:26 xxxxxxx kernel: php[24310]: segfault at 7fbd12678e31 ip 00000000005c5dc9 sp 00007fffd1bb7550 error 4 in php[400000+2c0000]

Last week it was
May 26 01:11:15 xxxxxxxx kernel: php[16272]: segfault at 7f4db2430831 ip 00000000005c5dc9 sp 00007fffec7043b0 error 4 in php[400000+2c0000]

Now this is significant, in that I changed my cron archive job timing thsi week too, last week it was starting at 8 minutes past the hour
this week it started at 32 minutes past the hour. (as I changed it to the recommended ‘console’ initiation )

So probable cause is the cron archive…

Th big problem i have is that to test this I have no idea how to replicate’ the weekly event bulk run event apart from wait til next Monday.