Websites pull-down LOV only shows first 15 websites


We recently installed Piwik 3.0.1 (clean, new install), and started adding websites to track. I have now added 19 websites, but every pull down in the Dashboard section only shows the first 15 websites, and All Websites at the bottom.

The same is true for the Administration section for the System - Users and Websites - Tracking Code sections. The Websites - Manage section correctly shows I have access to the 19 websites I added. The 15 websites listed in the LOV are the first 15 (by siteID), listed alphabetically.

At first I thought I couldn’t get to the other 4, but when I type (part of) the name of a “missing” one in the Search field of the pull-down, the list narrows to those that match the search criteria, including those initially missing.

Is this by design, or should the pull-down show something like a vertical scroll-bar or a “More…” to indicate there are more websites, and allow for easy selection?



Just created this new FAQ to answer your question: How do I display more than the default 15 websites in the website selector? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

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