Website Groups. Where?

Hello Forum,

the new Piwik 2.2.0 just announced a new feature i am waiting for:

“New Websites Groups (available on request) functionality now allows you to group a cluster of websites in the All Websites Dashboard.”

Unfortunately i don’t see how i can create and manage groups. Any hints?


I have exactly the same question. I did not find the way to define websites group in admin interface . Thanks for your reply

It seems that this is still missing.

But i found, that there is a way to do this with the api:

With this simple request for all your websites you can solve this. Then the websites will be displayed by group in the “all websites” dashboard.

Hope this helps!

I tried it, but its not working for me. do you have any other way?


@matt We still Need some help over here.

There is an Feature implemented in our lovely Software, wich we all want to use, but there still isn’t any way to use it!?

Can you please answer here?


Would love to know how to use this feature.

Please check out: :+1: