WEbpage load being delayed by my piwik install

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First post/question

Piwik data logging:
About 4 out of every 20 page loads (I tested it) results in the webpage waiting for anything from 2 to 5 seconds for the piwik target to load, as high as 20 seconds sometimes.

My first install was on shared hosting linux ,this problem was present and the delays longer, so I transfered the install to my IIS 7 vps. That was an adventure
the delays are still present

Piwik GUI;
this was really slow either on shared linux or VPS windows till i implemented
the cron job compilation (widows task) and i implemeted the
session_save_handler = dbtable

fix I found on another thread, so GUI is not an issue , but I mention it just in case its relevant

Piwik installed as sub folder of wordpress:
both on linux and windows, piwik was/is a subfolder.
I recently deleted the web.config file for the wordpress install in windows in case this was interfering , not sure if this has helped.


Have you looked at memory setting of php itself? maybe you have to increase them. Also check the web server itself (apache side its own web server memory settings).


IIS I couldnt tell you.

I don’t get that error, but thanks.

I removed

session_save_handler = dbtable

because the avarage delay went up, frm 2/5 secs to 5/10 secs with the highs even higher

My database size is 269 mb, could that be related to the extra increase from addiing the quotes line above, extra on top of the already exisiting delay.

i use other js an one other stats prog, they load instantly, everytime

Did you setup cron archiving?
-> How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes i did, but surely that only affects the viewing of reports.

My main concern is not viewing the reports and using the piwik GUI,
My main concern is that piwik is adding up to 2 seconds to my webpages load time, that is websites which carry piwik logging code. I ran a test , just loading


and the load times reflected what i see when measuring my webpage load times with the usual tools.

I would like to get the piwik load time down to a consistent 0.5 to 0.8 seconds

What load times do you expect?
Would it perform better on the root ?

I’d think that your server is severly misconfigured or the machine hosting the vps is overloaded.
I see around 0.150 - 0.250s load time here for the piwik.php requests.

That would figure, the server is certainly slower than I expected to get from Godaddy

0.150 and 0.250 is what i would have expected

Any tips of testing to determie whether its

configuration or server overload ?

I am on IIS7 windows 2008 r2
I mean to re-provision my server , that start from scratch, have you any tips on configuration for php, mysql, and piwik performance
I know that fastcgi is operational