Web Site Grouping

I have 200+ web sites that I track, at present I am dividing them up and running 4 installations of Piwik, but even then I have web sites that are in mixed groups.

It would be good to be able to list sites in groups rather than All Websites

Just an idea…

Many thanks for a great product


You can assign a group to a website, but only in the API and currently it isn’t displayed in the UI. Add a comment to ticket: Show Websites by Group in ‘All websites’ dashboard · Issue #2174 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub currently not roadmapped

I second this. A great feature to have.

Subbing this. Is it possible to track the ticket itself?

I also second this. Would be a great feature to have. In the meantime, does anyone have a workaround solution, to report data grouped by websites? We want to categorize the websites we manage and display reports by category.


matt: I noticed you closed the ticket some 11 days ago. Does this mean this feature will not be added?:

qtrnguyen: matt said above that this feature is available in the API. That is a workaround. Unless you’re not a coder.

Thanks syaz!

syaz, it will not be added until someone sponsors the feature, or we know better how to implement & design it

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