Web page suggestion


Hi geneaqrlly speaking I’d like to know how I can use the real time data API to send to users a webapage suggestion.

I mean, for example: user1 is in page_A and comes from Australia, i know that via Piwik, then this information goes into a ‘engine’ on a webserver and as result the suggested next page for him is page_C.

I’m struggling how to do that, just schematically.

Any help could be really appreciated.



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It is for sure possible to build Suggestions system using Piwik data. This could be done in a new plugin that would create a new API that returns article or product suggestions. If you need help getting this built you can contact Piwik consultants: http://piwik.org/consulting/

or learn how to build plugins for Piwik: http://developer.piwik.org/


Thanks Matt for your reply, I’ll contact consultants.