Warning messages after upgrading to 3.1.1


After automatically upgrading to Piwik 3.1.1, I received the error:

Warning messages:

You are not allowed to change the value of the setting “enable_plugin_update_communication” in plugin “CoreUpdater”

Help appreciated.


Here is a some problem with UserCountry module and some others. If autoupdate finish progress, Piwik says:

An error occurred
Not able to load translation file /path/plugins/UserCountry/lang/cs.json: Syntax error, malformed JSON

I tried to “disable” UserCountry by rename of folrder, Piwik runs, but with many problems offcourse. Propably some problem in package. Anybody already find solution?



I had the same problem after upgrading to 3.1.1. Workaround, which works for me, is to correct the malformed file cs.json.

In my case, there was curly brace missing in the end of the file (see screenshot below). Simply add this and upload corrected file back to Piwik. For additional check use any on-line json validator.

My Piwik installation is now working, although system check generates warning about cs.json file integrity (unexpected file length).

Hope this helps.



Hi Vašek, thank you very much. Fixed the issue for me! Regards, Tomas

Thanks Vasek. Simple bug with wide effect :frowning:


I did add the missing curly bracket to plugins/UserCountry/lang/cs.json but for me, it didn’t solve the issue