Want to track Visitor details like Name, age etc

I am new to Piwik. As per my knowledge, Visitor got only one static field, ie UserID (using this we will distinguish) will be same for every visit and using this we will get to know how many times the users visited.

But I want to have other static details about the visitor like visitor name, visitor age…etc. So I want to track, like how many visitors who visited our site are between 25 to 30 years of age ?

I tried using custom dimensions for age, name …etc (but custom dimensions are not giving unique visitor).

I dont know how to achieve this? Please help me if there are any plugins to handle this.

At the moment this would be impossible unless you have parts of your website where visitor demographics can be aggregated such as login pages or user profiles and then used with the Custom Variables plugin.
Google Analytics only does this right now because it has an advertising network to feed off of.

Relevant Github issue: analysis by specific demographics & interest - the piwik way · Issue #6090 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi Ashwin, what about https://genderize.io/ it looks than works great, but remember ask to your user his name