Want to suggest a feature


Frankly, I’m surprised that this feature is not available (or maybe I don’t see it?):
Why we can’t see statistics about surfers who bookmark our site/s?

Hope it would help,

How would we know that ?
Do you think that say, Firefox, is sending a “warning” to the JavaScript page code when an user add it to the favorites ?

And when i was (still) using Internet Explorer, i would often make a favorite by copying the URL, right click desktop, new shortcut, paste URL, then move that file into my fav folder.

Another way that i think work with both browsers, click the icon left of page URL, drag it to the fav/bookmark bar.

Somes websites put a link on their page “click here to add to bookmark” (or is it to make as a home page). That link is triggering some javascript to tell the browser to do this. Script that could ask Piwik to trace that action. But i NEVER ever used thoses links.