Want to have Piwik but can it do the following


We are being told by Cloudflare that some of our sites are receiving 100’s of unique visitors a month. We would like to know more about these visits and think that installing Piwik would help, however we are unsure how to configure various elements of it or what is actually achievable.

We would like to:

  1. See what search words are being used to find our sites
  2. See where the traffic is coming from
  3. Separate or identify traffic that is crawler bots and those that are genuine human
  4. Anything else we should do with Piwik to give us more insight?

Thank you in advance for those that will reply on this thread.
Will be waiting :slight_smile:

(Fabián Rodríguez) #2

Piwik can track what you describe, perhaps looking at the demo will provide a better idea:



Thank you for your Reply
I was wondering where can I the platform I can see the separation of crawler traffic and genuine human traffic?


Hey Danilo you need an additional plugin for that called BotTracker (you can find it here: http://plugins.piwik.org/BotTracker. Works like a charm though.

I don’t see any problem here? Piwik does all of that.