Vote for Phpmyvisites data migration tool

(tithom) #1

Grand fidèle de Phpmyvisites, je souhaiterais faire confiance à Piwik mais pas sans outils de migration de mes statistiques.
Je vous félicite pour le formidable Phpmyvisites et souhaiterais pouvoir le faire pour Piwik. Malheureusement le développement de cet outil ne semble pas avancer.
Vous êtes dans le même cas que moi et souhaiterais intégrer vos anciens statistiques à Piwik. DIT LE pour inciter le développement de cet outil… VOTEZ !!!
Bien cordialement.

— Automatic translation = sorry —
Big Phpmyvisites faithful, I would like to trust but not Piwik without migration tools of my statistics.
I congratulate you for the tremendous Phpmyvisites and wish to do so for Piwik. Unfortunately the development of this tool does not seem to move.
You are in the same situation as me and would like to integrate your old statistics in Piwik. THE WORDS to encourage the development of this tool… VOTE !!!

(vipsoft) #2

This is on the roadmap. There are a couple issues (blockers) here:

  • various PMV plugins haven’t been ported / re-developed for Piwik
  • waiting for the piwik database and api to stabilize before creating some data migration tool

As always, code contributions are welcome.

(tithom) #3

Thank you for your reply. I am making progress every day but not enough to make my contribution … sorry.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

tithom, are you working on this plugin? If yes, we would be able to help you as we know phpmyvisites and Piwik very well. Send us an email at; also check out