Visually differentiate the end of a graph (today's live data) from the past data

Not opening piwik as often as i should, i did more than once, look at some graph like visitors/day and think for a moment
"why is it so low today?" and then realize, ah, this is the live data, i can compare the latest value against the rest only tomorrow, this will change during the day.

It’s a small detail, but actually, if a graph shows SOMEDATA / Day, the last data point is showning SOMEDATA / Day/PARTOFDAY, so the data is strictly speaking WRONG! (so, maybe this should be reported as a bug, and not a feature suggestion?)

To correct that, i’d suggest to do something like change the color of the last dot+line, (change the line style to dashed), add some text to the tooltip explaining the live data VS historical data.

I opened an issue for that: