VisitsSummary widgets under IE

For piwik users v1.5.1 that need the graph aspect of VisitsSummary widgets to work on IE [6-8], as per “monkkey” suggestion on topic posted september 1st 2011, I confirm that the modification to plugins>Widgetize>templates>iframe.tpl file (in bold added lines) does solve the issue :

{loadJavascriptTranslations plugins='CoreHome'} {include file="CoreHome/templates/js_global_variables.tpl"} [b][/b] {include file="CoreHome/templates/js_css_includes.tpl"} [b][/b]

May the dvp piwik team confirm and make the changes for the next release !

thx to “monkkey”.

have a nice day


Thanks. This is now fixed in

This also seems to be a problem in IE9, could we have this line changed to either IE10 or just i.e.,

i.e. change

to or

we could increase the value for sure, but would be glad to see more info, thanks

Could you please describe, what issue you get on IE9, or post a screenshot ?

The VisitsSummary widget doesn’t appear in IE 9. Applying the same fix above makes it appear.

Thanks for the repotr, I created a bug at: Widgets use the same evolution graph having the same id, causing widgets to not display · Issue #3388 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

we’ll verify and fix it soon. cheers!