"Visits Per Server Time" shows 11 unique visits for today at 11pm

(Sohail Bakhtiari) #1


The rightmost column shows 11 unique visits. Which certainly has not happened yet. The columns for 14 to 22 are correct and empty.

I restored the database backup of yesterday, and the same thing (15 unique visitors at 11pm) where shown when I got the report for yesterday.

I tried dropping archive tables and getting the reports again, but nothing changed.

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

And you are sure, that your server uses the correct timezone?

(Sohail Bakhtiari) #3

I believe the problem is not about the time zones. If there were some timezone problem, there wouldn’t be a single column of 11 visits on the far right. The other columns between 2pm and 11pm would have at least a small amount of visits.

Also this report is “per server time”. So it is not important which timezone the visitors were in, the time of their visit is recorded based on the server time. And it should not show anything in server’s future time.

I missed to say that the report was taken at 1pm. So the empty columns are correct. The column at 11pm is showing visits for still not happened future, and is the problem occurring every day.