Visits not accurately tracking

(haha326) #1

Hello, I’ve been having the same problem for a few versions of piwik now.

Coming from google analytics, it seems that only about 10% of the traffic on any of my sites is being logged in piwik. Also, piwik never records search engine keywords, even on a search-heavy site.

I decided to do some testing. I cleared out all the logging tables (log_action, log_visit, etc). I cleared my cookies. I started hitting my site (which does have the absolutely correct version of the tracking tag right above ). My process was simple: clear cookies, go to a page on the site, check the database table for visits. Truncate the tracking tables, clear cookies, go to a page on the site, … I did this probably about 20 times, and only 2 of my visits were actually recorded. Just in case, I tried in a few more browsers and still the same issue.

When setting up, piwik never shows errors or wanrings. Any ideas? I really love the project and want to use it, but I’m having a lot of problems with innacurate data! Thanks.

(haha326) #2

Ok, I think I actually found the problem. Enabling the SearchEnginePosition plugin prevents all visits coming from any search engine from being logged. May be worth looking into!

(vipsoft) #3

You should contact the plugin author for support. AFAIK this plugin isn’t a candidate for inclusion in the core distribution.