Visits Log doesn't work since updating to 4.2.1

I installed the update to version 4.2.1 two days ago. Since then I can no longer access the visits log and always get the following error message:

Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data. Please try again. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your Matomo administrator for assistance.

Previously I was always able to access it. My browser then sometimes asked me to stop the website, but I was able to view data.

What might be the problem with this?

I got the same error messages after upgrading to 4.2.1. After a couple reloads of the admin page only a 500 error is displayed.


Can you both please check your Webserver error log for errors?
If the error is not occuring instantly, but after long loading, it might be that Matomo just takes more time than the max_execution_time set in the PHP config and is aborted.

@Lukas i can’t find anything in my error logs. The error appears about 2 seconds after opening the report.

My visits log still doesn’t work and I have no idea how to solve that problem. I don’t get any error logs and my max_execution_time is set to 30 seconds, but i get the error message in matomo like 2 seconds after opening the report.

Is there anything else I can do? I really need this to work again.


Maybe also check for errors. Or look in the network tab of the browser developer tools to see how exactly the requests are failing

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Thank you @Lukas! In the network tab I found the following error message:

A fatal error occurred
The following error just broke Matomo (v4.2.1): 
An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to write in the cache directory (/piwik/tmp/templates_c/9e).").
in /piwik/plugins/CoreHome/templates/_dataTable.twig line 68

I changed the owner of the templates_c folder and now everything works fine :slight_smile:

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